After years of volunteering and charity work, we ask everyone to only donate to charity organizations (NGO's) only if you know the people involved and the projects they are undertaking. There are too many charity organizations that not only waste donations, but there are some that fund subversive activities (socialism/communism/terrorism) that may be harming more people than they help. Thank you for caring, and we ask that you donate in a responsible manner.

HelpingPeru's projects are on hold due to increased criminal activity in the areas we work in, resulting in grievous bodily harm to one of our directors, and a flawed system of justice which has failed to put the identified assailants behind bars. We are dedicating our time (using NO donated funds) in identifying and promoting solid plans to eliminate extreme poverty, invest heavily in children's health and education, reduce crime and eliminate gang activity.
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If you have a message or file to send you may do so via facebook, dropbox, or send us any details via this web form. Thank you for caring.
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